Want to give back to your community?

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Want to give back to your community?  What better way than to consider being a board member with L&A SOS.

A story from a Board Member’s Perspective

Positions are open for new members on the L&ASOS Board of Directors.

The L&A SOS Board of Directors is the body responsible for the organization’s highest level-of-decision-making and legal authority.  The Board is made up of individuals across this geographic area that act as one body and are responsible for the identity, progress and continuity of L&A SOS.

For many people, being a board member conjures up images of people being responsible for hosting fundraisers.  While supporting the financial well-being of L&A SOS is certainly part of the board’s responsibility, there is a range of roles that board members can play and plenty of opportunities to volunteer your time and talent to support this important organization.

My name is Barbara Marlin and this year I celebrate my 10th year on the Board of Directors. I also celebrate 5 years as the Chair.  The By-Laws of L&A SOS require that I complete my service to the organization this year.  I joined the L&A SOS board 10 years ago because I had heard great things about L&A SOS and wanted to learn more. In addition, giving back to the community is important to me and becoming a director gave me the opportunity to accomplish that.

During my time as a Board member I have had the privilege to be involved in the growth of the organization which necessitated moving to a larger building to allow us to expand our services.  As well, I learned a great deal about the Health Care System and how we work together to contribute to the health and wellness of our community.

Most significantly for me, being involved with an organization which truly puts the clients first was wonderful.  The care and concern I have witnessed over the ten years has been very rewarding and being part of this has been a privilege.


The Board has set up a time for anyone giving some thought to being a Board Member to come and meet some of the current L&A SOS Board Members, receive a tour, some handouts and important information.

Tuesday April 4th 3:00 to 6:00 pm

 Come and learn more!