Blood Donor Clinic

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Here’s something you may not know: Lennox & Addington Seniors Outreach Services  has partnered up with Canadian Blood Services and Adopted a Clinic in Napanee on Friday Nov., 10th. We are committed to saving lives through blood donations.


We’ve got it in us to work together and reach a donation pledge of 115 units of blood during our Clinic Adoption at the Strathcona Paper Centre in Napanee on Fri., Nov 10th.We are committed  to help contribute to Canada’s blood supply. On Friday November 10th we have a group booking  of 20 appointments that we need to fill, sign up by calling Kimberley Sledz at 613-354-6668 ext 110 or by email and donate as part of the team!

How can YOU help?

  • Recruit a family member, friend or acquaintance to make their appointment during the clinic adoption (Friday Nov 10 12:30pm-6:30 pm)
  • Join the Seniors outreach Services Group Booking – sign up
  • Volunteer to raise awareness through an in community flyer drop
  • Raise awareness of your social media account advising your friends of the clinic adoption and encouraging them to make an appointment during your adoption on Friday Nov.,10th

Come and see what it’s all about at our presentation on Wednesday Oct 25th at 1:30 pm. You’ll find out how you can donate, learn the blood system and the need for donors in Napanee.

It can take only 2 units of blood to help someone who needs brain surgery.

If you and 5 coworkers/friends donated, we could save 3 lives.

Just think – together we can do something pretty incredible. We can save lives.

Thank you!