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We are thrilled to partner with Zeal Holistic Health and the Community Foundation for L&A County to bring to our membership a limited number of subsidized subscriptions for Zeal’s monthly program. The subsidized fee to our members will be $50 instead of Zeal’s regular price of $100; consider that you will be receiving over $300 worth of programming for only $50. Your membership fees must be current and payment of your $50 portion is made to LASOS. We will handle registration on a first paid basis prior to the beginning of each month. 


Any questions, or to register, please contact Kim@lasos.ca or 613-354-6668 ext 110. 


Zeal Holistic Health Membership A Monthly Membership to Boost Vitality and Health 

Here at Zeal Holistic Health, we wanted to create a program that helps boost vitality and health.  

  • A program that encompasses holistic health practices to enhance health.  
  • A program to include exercise classes that are designed to strengthen muscles and joints, improve flexibility, and support your mental health.  
  • A program that includes holistic nutrition practices based on the healthiest way of eating, the Mediterranean Diet.  This low-inflammatory diet has proven itself time and time again to lower chances of heart disease, diabetes and cancer as well as reduce inflammation in your body, be it joint inflammation, extra weight, mental fog, memory and mood decline, or stress reduction. 
  • We also wanted a program that will provide Holistic Health Education to increase your knowledge and take your health to the next level by motivating you to implement what you learned.  

The membership program includes: 

  • 3 online classes per week for 4 weeks (choose from Stretch, Strength, Yoga or Zumba classes) 
  • 4 weekly meal plans following a Mediterranean diet, includes a grocery list, nutritional information and beautiful recipes to follow 
  • 2 Education Webinars 
  • Online Coaching with Jeff and Tricia through a private Facebook Membership Group 
  • 2 Bonus classes per month 

This subscription is valued at over $300. 

If you have been looking for exercise, nutrition and overall wellness coaching then this is the program for you! Every month a new health education topic will be featured, new bonus classes, new challenges and new meal plans.  The goal is elevate your health by providing you with as much guidance as possible and this program will do just that!