SCWW Calendar April 2021

SCWW program guide for April 2020


We are very excited to announce a new program offering from SOS, which returns us to our core values and ensures inclusivity for all of our members during this very tenuous and uncertain time. We are extremely grateful to the United Way of Kingston, Frontenac, and Lennox and Addington for the funding provided for this program. Sabrina Charlton will be the coordinator in charge of this new offering and I know that she will excel in this new position.  


Seniors Outreach Services continues  

Keeping in step with your changing needs” 

Introducing “Senior’s Centre without Walls” 


No one is immune to the psychological and physiological toll of COVID-19 and its related restrictions.  For older adults, the heightened fear of contracting the virus, a sudden decrease in in connectivity and/or the loss of outside supports, not able to hug your loved ones, can make your situation more difficult and challenging.   As Hunger is a warning sign to eat, and is essential to our very survival.  Likewise, loneliness is a sign that we need connection with others.  We are physiologically and psychologically designed for connection. We are Social beings. 

Research indicates that lonely people have higher levels of activated viruses in their system and are at a greater risk of suffering with chronic inflammation linked to, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and suicide.  While obesity increases your odds of an early death by 20%, loneliness increases your odds by 45%. 

To combat loneliness and assist those that are isolating themselves due to fear of contracting the virus, Seniors Outreach Services is implementing a new, FREE telephone/on-line virtual based seniors’ activity program, “Seniors Centre without Walls” (SCWW) with funding provided by the United Way of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Emergency Community Support Fund. 

What is it? 

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls is a nationwide initiative that began with the Good Companions Seniors’ Centre in Ottawa where it has been running successfully for a number of years. The Seniors Centre Without Walls (SCWW) program provides free recreational activities over the phone with a group of other older adults in the community. SCWW works to minimize financial, transportation and environmental barriers for its participants.  


How does it work? 

  • Programs are multi-person phone conversations (or conference calls). 
  • No special equipment needed – any phone will do. 
  • Participants can call themselves into the program, or we can call them. 
  • Each phone session averages 8-10 people on the call 
  • Membership & Registration is required by calling Kimberley at 613-354-6668 ext 110 


Some of the programs offered 

  • Average of 3 activities per day such as 
    • Educational/learning workshops for Health & Wellness and financial/legal tips
    • Brain teasers, 
    • Games such as bingo, “Family Feud”, finish the lyrics
    • Travelogues, biographies, book club….and more 
  • Average of 3 Fitness classes per week such as
    • Chair Yoga
    • Gentle Stretch
    • Meditation 

Who can participate? 

  • Seniors 55+ and must be a member of Seniors Outreach Services
  • Servicing Lennox & Addington County 

What are the benefits to you? 

  • Just need a telephone …NO computer is required 
  • Creates community and friendships, feel part of a group….from the comfort of your home 
  • Removes barriers – relieves isolation and loneliness 
  • Enhances existing seniors’ programs