Affordable and reliable transportation is a necessity for our senior population and we service Greater Napanee, and local communities such as Bath, Tamworth, Amherstview and Odessa.

Drives to Medical Appointments

  • Volunteer drivers escort seniors to medical (doctors, dentists, eye, etc.) appointments for a fee. Fees may vary based upon destination.
  • Volunteers are screened for driving abilities and trained in aiding seniors.
  • Call at least 2 to 3 days in advance to book a driver.
  • Cost of the trip and any parking expenses are paid directly to the volunteer driver by the client on that day..

Wheelchair Accessible Van

L&A Seniors Outreach Services owns a wheelchair accessible bus and van which is used for L&A SOS programs and activities. The bus can carry up to 8 passengers and 2 wheelchairs at one time. The van can carry one wheelchair and an escort

  • a fee is charged for both the van and bus (fees vary depending on the destination).
  • they can only be used with the support of the L&A SOS volunteer drivers.
  • use of the van/bus need to be booked well in advance to ensure its availability.

Transport Bus

Seniors’ Town Bus

  • Makes four loops through Napanee, transporting seniors to scheduled stops on Tuesdays & Fridays.
  • No fee for clients

Sponsors of Seniors’ Town Bus

  • Jubilee Apt.
  • Lifeline Emergency Response
  • Jamie & Jaclyn’s NoFrills “Pay It Forward Program”

Call for schedule information or

click here for a schedule.

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