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Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship and philanthropy in our society. It is offering time, energy, and skills of your own free will. Volunteers impact virtually every aspect of society including health, education, social, youth, sports and recreation, culture, the arts, and the environment. By celebrating the efforts of volunteers, we create opportunities to raise awareness about the vital contribution you have made-and continue to make-to Canadian communities and society as a whole.

All L&A SOS volunteers are entitled to regular recognition, with each program and activity and we take every opportunity to recognize you and say thank you. We believe that recognition is not simply an event, gift or award-it is an on-going process in all we do to attract, direct, motivate, and retain volunteers.

L&A SOS also gratefully acknowledges the staff members who are the volunteers coordinators.

Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering

Meet new people
Cultivate personal growth
Gain new experiences
Take on new challenges
Get a new perspective on your own problems
Feel good and build self-esteem
Fulfill the need to be needed
Take pride in sharing your knowledge and abilities
Keep your body active
Keep your mind active
Stay healthy
Volunteer involvement strengthens communities

Volunteers Needed For Seniors Bus Service

The Seniors’ Bus service runs on Tuesdays and Fridays. We’re looking for volunteers to help riders with their walkers, canes, bags, etc., to make sure they get on and off the bus safely!

If you would like to volunteer or you know someone who would please call us at 613-354-6668 EXT 110.

Please help us to provide the best service we can.

Thank you!